What UVC light does to Dust Mite and its eggs?

When the first mattress cleaning system was invented, people are amazed to see how much “dust” (dust mites) are taken out of their mattress after couple of minutes. When clients seeing the demonstration and knowing UVC light has been imitated from natural sunlight, they are convinced it works. Since the first UV irradiation system was used, the UVC disinfection has been proved to be adequate for inactivating bacteria and viruses, and therefore is widely applied in medical equipment for reliable practice.

While the scientists did not ever stop learning and researching about dust mites, AllerX also continuingly update the knowledge of dust mites for our dealers and mostly our clients.

In order to examine the immediate and 24 hours post- irradiation germicidal effects of UV-C lamp on eggs and adults of house dust mites, scientific studies have been done to investigate this topic.

Test results show highest immediate mortality of 100% occurred with direct irradiation at 10 cm distance from UV-C lamp and for 60 minutes, for both species of mites. … Egg hatchability for both species of mites was also notably reduced by greater than 50% following irradiation. Therefore, conclusions have been made that Ultraviolet C irradiation is lethal to an array of organisms by damaging their (dust mites) nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). This study demonstrates the increasing mite mortalities with increasing exposure times and decreasing distances.

In another word, the germicidal effects of UVC light cause photochemical damage to DNA and RNA within microorganisms.

Dust mites are found in almost 100% homes, especially in bedrooms. Nearly 40% of the populations are having allergy symptoms caused by different level of dust mite allergy. Not everyone knows if they are having an allergy reaction, or it is something else like a normal cold. However, if you are aware of dust mite is, or might be, the cause of your health problem, there are sufficient answers and solutions to it.