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Mattress Cleaning System V6

AllerX® Mattress Cleaning System V6 is the improved version from 2010 with UVC.

Strongly reccomended for:

  • Efficiently removing dust mites
  • 100% natural and dry, non-toxic cleansing
  • Terminates bacteria and gems efficiently

Mattress Cleaning System V7

AllerX® Mattress Cleaning System V7 doubles the UVC power of V6 system. Professionally designed for customers with critical issues of allergies.

  • Efficiently removing dust mites virus, bacteria, mold, spores and other harmful organisms.
  • More efficient. More Intensive
  • 100% natural and dry, non-toxic cleansing operation
  • Light weight, easy for travelling, operation, and maintenance

Mattress Cleaning System V8

AllerX® Mattress Cleaning System V8 is designed based on steam cleaning principle. More natural, and more user friendly for hyper-allergy customers.

  • Featuring steam generator and inbuilt industrial vacuum unit clean and sanitize in one step
  • Takes away dust mites debris, allergen particles, unpleasant odors, and stains in one step
  • Specialized in removing spots and stains
  • Extension and accessories possible for multiple functions

Get Your Hands On One Of Our Machines!

Experience the power of our machines with your own eyes!

Red wine stain on your dress after party? Bring it to dry clean shop is doable and affordable. Old urine stain on kids’ mattress? Big problem! It reminds you constantly that it is filthy and not healthy, so that you cannot forget it just by hiding it under new sheets.

Bring it to dry clean shop? No, it doesn’t fit into your car, neither their biggest washing machine. Ask cleaning company to handle it? They use 20 different chemicals on it that you cannot even name them.

Before and after allerx

What you need is AllerX Stain and Spot Extraction, the best equipment which cleans and removes all kinds of stain with least effort, and absolutely no chemicals.

The Stain Cleaning Equipment itself is similar size as a vacuum machine, which makes it easily portable by the service provider to customer’s location. Beyond that, the equipment ONLY use water as the cleaning media to remove stain!

a mattress before allerx and after

Thanks to the unique High Pressure and High Temperature Steam Injection unit, you can easily see how the stain is removed within minutes.

First, the High Pressure Steam breaks down the structure of the stain, so it is easier to be washed away. Then the High Temperature Steam sanitize the area to kill all bacteria. Last but not least, the steam dries out in seconds, so that you don’t need to wait long before use. The best part of this Stain Remove Equipment? There is absolutely no chemicals involved. Only water is used. No one need to kneel down and rub for hours to get the stain cleaned anymore.

This cleaning procedure is done by our dealers, who operate as follows:

  • The customer contacts the dealer
  • The dealer makes an appointment.
  • The dealer, or an employee of the dealer, pays the customer a visit on the agreed date and time, and cleans the mattresses with our specialized equipment.
  • After the cleaning, our dealer will take all the dirt with him and will leave a clean bedroom behind.
  • The mattress of the customer is immediately ready for use.
before allerx and after

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