AllerX International Mattress Cleaning.

Lifetime Support

When you become a dealer, you will never be on your own.
We are here for the long run and we’re not planning to leave!

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Advanced Technology

With our technology, you will get the job done and create amazing results for your customers!


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A Proven System

We’ve developed a business model, that works over and over again, in different countries around the world.

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Freedom and Lifestyle

Start making money, like you’ve never done before and create the lifestyle and freedom you want, for you and your family.

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“For the past two years I have being using the service of AllerX and in that time found things to be very beneficial to the members of my family. I have a 10 year old son who has been an asthmatic since he was two, since using AllerX to clean his mattress and pillow on a regular basis I have found a great improvement in his condition and using the puffer only twice in two years. My Husband who is a chronic asthmatic since he was 13 years old and using the puffer at least 5 to 6 times a day, has cut this down to only using it once at night. I would recommend using the services of AllerX to anyone wishing to improve there quality of life as our family has found.”

– Sonya Milligan, Brisbane Australia

It only takes 3 steps to Get Started!

There are 3 types of dealership you can choose from. Each of them fits a specific set of ambition, skills and mindset. Whether you want to make it big or just stay small, there is a dealership for you! Each dealership comes with a unique dealer package, so you can easily setup and start your own mattress cleaning business.
Now that you’ve chosen your dealership and dealer package, you are ready to plugin to our support system, which includes examples of promotional materials, everything you need to know about house mite and how to get rid of them, direct chat with our employees and much, much more.
Once you are plugged in, it is your job to be that entrepreneur you know you are and make it happen! With our support, your ambition, skills and mindset your mattress cleaning business is ready to take off to a six figure income!


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Why you should choose for AllerX

Constantly growing

We help our clients starting up a successful service, that’s how we expand our network all over the world.

Unique three phase process

The AllerX system does not have any competition to rival its unique three phase deep clean and sterilization process.

High quality systems

Set up in 1995 by Paul & Ulla Harnisch in Australia, and since then we have grown into a global company.

No franchise fee

There are no ongoing fees. We provide you with a system, professional back office, marketing materials and supplies.

Constantly innovating

In the last 19 years we have developed the best mattress cleaning systems available, and we keep innovating so we can stay the best.

Eco-friendly option

Over 70% of our equipment is energy efficient. It’s up to every business to help preserve the earth’s natural resources. It’s a responsibility we take seriously.

“Thank you for coming to our School at the beginning of the year to perform the service of cleaning all mattresses in our Boarding School. Hygiene, of course, is a major concern to us, hence our reason for contacting you to eliminate the dust and dust mites and other disease carrying and spreading materials in the mattresses. The service provided was very efficient and courteous.”

– T.P Boulton.

About Us!

AllerX Mattress Cleaning Systems has developed an innovative system for cleaning and sanitizing the mattresses without chemicals. Our dealers clean mattresses at individuals, and of course also at companies and institutions such as, hotels and hospitals. All dealers clean mattresses on customer’s location and will always be there to serve YOU.


AllerX Mattress Cleaning Systems was set up in 1995 by Paul and Ulla Harnisch in Australia. They have then expanded the company with our dealers all over the world.

Currently, we have Master dealers in New Zealand, The Netherlands and Suriname.


To improve our service for our customers, we constantly expand our dealer network. Master dealers provide our existing and new dealers with our systems, service and support. Master dealers have the exclusive rights to expand our network in their home country. Our dealers visit our customers to ensure a clean and healthy night of sleep.

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