How Dust Mites travel around the world?

House Dust Mites are blamed for causing allergic reactions for people around the world. One thing is true about dust mites, which is how dust mites “like” everybody equally no matter who you are.

When you are at home, dust mites from your pet’s bed and your children’s toys will all end up on your couch. When you are at work, dust mites from other family will transfer onto your items and go home with you without notice. Even when you go for holiday, dust mites will be always ready to join you for the journey to another continent. Somehow, dust mites are taking advantage of all our humanity’s technological progress for their own benefits.

House dust mites have been easily travelling on any people’s clothes, skin, food, and other personal items. In addition, they are also very easily become airborne and get a chance to visit new places. Genetic mutations for dust mites might be evolutionarily simpler then we would like to admit. Migration across continent makes things lots easier for dust mites to establish new populations, expand their ranges, and interact with other organisms. They’ve been caught living it up in environments as extreme as the Antarctic and the International Space Station.

Next time when you are travelling through bus, train, and airline, do not think you are alone. You are literally sharing a myriad of microscopic passengers— including house dust mites, with other passengers who you never known.

It might sounds scary or overly sensitive, but this does cause millions of people suffering from allergic reactions constantly. If you are unfortunately the hyper-sensitive type, do remember to bring anti-dust mite spray with you next time when you are travelling.



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