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You know not only how to use AllerX systems, but also how to distribute the systems and products. You are the manager for AllerX in your country, therefore we guarantee you EXCLUSIVITY as return. Your top target is to develop new local dealers in your country. At the same time, you will also be responsible for providing AllerX systems and products, as well as services and coaching to your dealers.

We will give you full access to our knowledge and expertise in Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing business. We will be glad to see AllerX stand out in competition and become the first choice from our customers. To secure your competitive position in the market, we offer an exclusive Master Dealer discount on Advanced Business Packages for all your orders on AllerX Mattress Cleaning Systems. With the possibility to manufacture the system with white label, you have the chance to operate the business completely under your company name.

You have the capability and know-how to create a dealer network in your country, and you are confident to manage independently the whole business from Business Concept to Customer Satisfaction? You will develop the business as we do, or preferably better than we do? Please discuss with us for a more attractive offer.

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You have your own company do or do not (yet) providing cleaning and sanitizing services to your local market and customers. You believe AllerX is doing the right thing, and you believe AllerX Mattress Cleaning Systems will become a successful expansion and value-add to your business range. You will be our trustful local dealer providing caring services to your customer groups in your contracted region.

We will expect you to have the greatest relationship with Hotels, Hospitality Facilities, Caring Facilities, Camping Facilities, and as many as possible Individual Customers. We appreciate you recognize our market value, therefore we will support you with all effort to make sure you can deliver the best services to all customers. We will supply you with AllerX systems and products based on your business growth. As an ultimate goal, we expect you to educate and promote a brand new life style in your region through your excellent services.

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We believe YOU CAN DO IT because you have full faith in yourself! You are ready to launch your own business, and we will help you. You have full freedom to decide what you want and how you want it, and we make sure to customize our offer for you. You can do this with your own pace as far as you remember what your targets are.

We treasure you for your ambition and your expertise of understanding the market needs. We encourage you to approach as many possibilities as you can, and we explore the future together with you. You will be the one to introduce a brand new healthy living style to your market. Do not limit your thoughts from what we told you. Do share with us what your idea is!

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    • Technical Service and Advisory
    • After Sale Service and Advisory
    • Full Selection from Business Packages
    • Access to Internal Database
    • Experience Sharing within Netorkw
    • Products and Service Training
    • Exclusivity in Country/Region
    • Priority in Supply Chain
    • Right to distribute AllerX Systems
    • Right to distribute AllerX Products
    • White Label Possibility
    • Sales Target (Annual Reviewed)
    • Business package discount

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A chat function to get direct support from AllerX International HQ

A complete library of documentation and movies about your products and how to promote your business

 And much, much more!

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