Why Mattress Cleaning?

Because mattresses can’t be washed!
People are more aware of the existing of Dust Mites, as well as other microorganisms in the mattress nowadays. How many exactly of these little creatures are sharing the bed with you? In an average mattress there can be found up to two million dust mites! There may be many as 19,000 dust mites in one gram of dust, but usually between 100 to 500 mites live in each gram. Each dust mite produces about 10 to 20 waste particles per day and lives for 30 days. Egg-laying females can add 25 to 30 new dust mites to the population during their lifetime.

The feces of dust mites are a major cause for allergies, itching, mucosal inflammation, and bronchitis.
It doesn’t mean any individual person is doing a bad job on his or her hygiene. It has nothing to do if you change your sheets once every week or once every month. The only truth is that every mattress will become a perfect growth condition for dust mites, and a host for all nasty stuffs such as dander, dust, sweat, dead skin cell, dust mites dropping etc. Therefore, the first tip for mattress cleaning is ‘yes, you need to clean your mattress, and you need to clean your mattress regularly.’
Every human being spends almost a third of his or her life in bed, so we need to find a solution which can give us back a clean and health mattress. The answer is certainly not washing the mattress, not only because the water and other liquid detergent will damage the form of the mattress, but also because how can you make sure it is completely dry after it is soaked? One day? Or one week? Or even longer? A moisture mattress will encourage the growth of dust mites and other microorganism even faster. Then we have the second tip for mattress cleaning is ‘the operation of mattress cleaning should be a dry process treatment.’