Control Dust Mites Levels at Home

So, we have discussed that every house has dust mites no matter how “clean” it looks like. We have also proved that dust mites have a direct effect on asthmatic reaction and other allergies symptoms. According to the American Lung Association, approximately 50-80% of asthma and hay fever cases are triggered by a reaction to dust mites. Now, we need to summarize what can be done to reduce dust mites to minimum. Once again, since dust mites cannot be completed wiped away from our home, by following the right actions and procedures, we can at least reduce the number of dust mites over time in the home environment.
· First is to keep moisture level in the house below than 50% relative humidity, which is important for controlling the reproduction of dust mite, therefore slow down the growth of their total population.
· Second is to make the right choice of home decorations. Removing extra upholsteries decorations, removing textiles that attracts dust and hide the dust, all these actions will minimize the living area for dust mites.
· Third tip is to dust properly, by using damp cloth for cleaning floor and furniture surfaces, by using highly effective HEPA filter vacuum regularly, which will decrease the dust level dramatically.
· Last but not least, for area where is possible highly contaminated, such as mattress, baby beds, couch, pillow, beddings, using dust mites protection cover, washing regularly in hot water, and keep them dry as much as possible after all treatments.

It might be still difficult to provide any evidence of how “clean” your house will become after you did all those things, but you will certainly see the difference when you have your high quality sleep back, which doesn’t bothered by allergic reactions.