Control Dust Mites and other Allergy Sources at Home

There are couple of tips should become a daily habit regarding keeping the allergy sources to the minimum, because they can be easily applied in exchange of a huge improvement of family health.
1.Replace materials such as feather, down, and long synthetic fibers products to reduce the chance of dust got caught and hidden in there.
2.Daily vacuum, and after the air-borne dust set down again, mop all furniture surfaces and floor with a damp cloth.
3.Weekly wash all bedding, including blankets, mattress cover, pillow cases etc. in hot water about 60 degrees Celsius.

Based on the above cleaning routines, it is also important to pay attention to the following respects.
1.In order to minimize the growth of dust mites, bacteria, molds and other microorganisms, we need to keep a low humidity level at home environment. Air conditioning, dehumidifiers, or simply open the windows daily to let in fresh air are all helpful to remove humidity from the house.
2.If there are already someone at home suffering from breathing and/or skin allergies, replace carpets with smooth floor material, remove as many as drapes and curtains that are not necessary.

All this actions will dramatically change the home environment regarding allergy sources.