What can you do to remove the urine stains and odors?

You might never thought about searching for keywords combination “dust mite” and “mattress”. This can mean positively that you are not allergy to dust mite (guanine), and your life has not been bothered by it too much. Whether it is really healthy or not to sleep on a mattress contaminated by dust mites raises a different topic, which we have answers for it in other articles from our blog.

As a matter of fact, we noticed people start to think about mattress cleaning more and more when they have problem to remove urine stains and odors. This is a quite usual problem in many families. When you have young kids, or when you have pets at home, you can never avoid the “pee” accident. In many cases, there are urine left on couch, mattress, and carpet. Even the stain doesn’t show much thanks to the dark colored textile, the odor is still a problem that can bother you for very long time.

Here is a standard procedure we follow to help our customer, especially for urine stains and odors, and the result is 100% guaranteed!

* Considering the fact our dealers work by appointment, we usually treat dry urine stains.

** For some cases, it requires multiple treatments to remove the stain completely.

1) Remove bedding and sheets; check the status of the stain (new or old).

2) Use V7 system to clean whole or regionally on mattress, and remove all dust from the mattress.

3) Apply Anti-Urine Spray on the area, which should be bigger than the visible stain.

4) Wait for the spray to work, which crystalizes the urine particles, then apply Mattress Bleach if necessary.

5) Apply high temperature high pressure steam to break down the structure of urine stain. The direction of steam jets should be from outside towards middle of the stain.

6) Apply steam and vacuum function to extract stain, dirt, and detergent.

7) Apply high temperature high pressure steam again to vaporize the excessive moisture.

8) Rub Mattress Spray on surface for a pleasant smell (available in Original, Lavender, and Limon)

9) Leave the mattress/cushion/carpet to dry in a horizontal position. Never lean them vertically against wall for drying!

Depends on room temperature and indoor moisture level, the treated item/area will be dry after 1 or 2 days. You will be pleased to see a clean and odorless mattress/cushion/carpet again!