Steam Cleaning Laminate is NOT anymore a Disaster!

It is true that almost all laminate manufacturers are against using steam cleaner for their products, or claim directly fail of the warranty if we do insist to use steam cleaner. Main reason is the damage caused by excessive moisture. Laminate floors are vulnerable in front of heat and moisture, known as humidity. High quality floor can be moisture resistant, but never moisture proof. Once the damage is caused, reparation will not be able to change anything. It is always recommended to consult your supplier before using any cleaning method that you are not sure about. Most time the answer we get back is NOT to use Steam Cleaner!

All sound fair and reasonable, but that is so 2008!

With the technology and professional knowledge growth, we are ready to give some up-to-date advises for now.

  1. Check if your laminate floor is sealed completely. If not, moisture and heat can have a higher chance to seep into cracks, crevices and floor seams, as well as under the surface of the floor. This situation of “leaking moisture” can possibly dissolve floor adhesives underneath, or promote molding under laminate boards. Molding is definitely a health threatening issue we always would like to prevent or avoid.
  2. Use the right setting of your steam cleaner. High moisture level setting is for carpet. Low moisture level setting is for laminate floor. Use the right accessory and cleaning head, so that the floor does not get scratched, and the specially designed microfiber cloth will absorb extra moisture while wipe off all dirt and germs.
  3. Do NOT use extra chemicals! Do not use soda, vinegar, or any “magic” cleaning ingredients from your kitchen! Steam is enough to clean AND disinfect your laminate floor.

That is all. Nothing further, because the design and setting of the new Steam Cleaner has considered all respects for you. The temperature, pressure, and moisture level have all been calculated and balances to perfection for each application.

The moisture that will be left on your laminate floor is minimum, which will dry completely after minutes. This is a tremendously improvement compare to traditional cleaning with bucket plus mop. No excessive water, no chemicals, no streaks, no dirty hands, dry fast, less cleaning time, AND disinfect at the same time!

This is the true story about Steam Cleaner in 2015. For more information and questions, please contact us through