Mattress Cleaning Machines

Mattress Cleaning Machines

We have been busy with promoting AllerX International worldwide for almost another year. At this moment, when we are (almost) ready to welcome the brand new 2015, maybe it is a good idea to review how much we have achieved in developing these series of top quality mattress cleaning machines.

When people started to be more and more aware of their domestic health environment, typically in their sleeping room, dust mites were discovered and identified as a big threat to human health. More and more people are suffering from Asthma, and it became common knowledge that dust mites are one of the major triggers of Asthma.

People tried to expose their beddings under natural sunlight, wash them in boiled water, vacuum or bag them with special cover. Some way does work, but no one can keep the bedding dust mites free for as long as they desired for. In addition, those methods all mean lots of work!

Until the founders of AllerX Mattress Cleaning Systems, Paul and Ulla Harnisch from Australia, discovered and manufactured the first mattress cleaning machine based on UV light technology, people realized that mattress cleaning is the ultimate solution for preventing dust mites, and which makes it even better, you do not need to do that yourself!

The first AllerX Mattress Cleaning System is equipped with one germicidal tube and industrial grade HEPA filter and all the dust mites debris got sucked out of the mattress will be kept tight in the filter. Based on the principle that UVC light not only kills dust mites, but also disable the reproduction of them, the treatment can insure a fair long time of dust mites free sleeping condition.

The development and improvement next stopped ever since this stage. AllerX has eventually upgraded the initial model in many ways. First the germicidal tube has been increased to two, then the power of each single tube has been expanded tremendously. The safety protection unit of the machine has been changed into a stronger, however lighter, material for an easier transportation and operation. Every step we made secures AllerX as the top mattress cleaning system manufacturer, who only gives the most efficient and high quality machines.

In 2014, we also expanded our product lines. Now AllerX mattress cleaning systems include machines based on UVC technology and high pressure steam technology, plus the featuring UVC Booster for the most critical cleaning cases and customers. As a customer or dealer of AllerX, you can choose from the whole product range from only one trustful supplier.

Currently, AllerX mattress cleaning systems have Master dealers in New Zealand, The Netherlands and Suriname, and many more regional dealers globally. Doing what we are good at, AllerX make sure to deliver only the best mattress cleaning systems.

We wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!