Is Dust Mite damaging your health?

High exposure to dust mites is an important factor in the development of Asthma, especially for children. Dust mites can trigger a lifelong allergy reaction, but, unfortunately, there is no cure of it.
How exactly can we detect that dust mites have been causing health problems in our home? The presence of dust mites can be confirmed microscopically through testing the dust samples from a mattress. There is also a well-known and widely used simple diagnostic test named Acarex.
In our daily life, there are some common symptoms can also tell us dust mites have been harming our health. Those symptoms are usually respiratory-related, such as sneezing, itching, watery eyes, running nose, wheezing, etc. Other allergic reactions may include headaches, fatigue and depression. If you have young children at home, do pay more attention to some of the signs that could be caused by an allergic reaction due to dust mites’ contamination, or even worse, an asthmatic allergic reaction. Those symptoms are itchy nose (if your child frequently rubbing the nose upwards), constant coughing, swollen under eyes, and frequent awakening during sleep.
A general rule of cleaning and sanitizing your mattress is to repeat this procedure averagely once per 6 months.