The pro- and con- of DIY cleaning urine stains

The pro- and con- of DIY cleaning urine stains

We understand mums and wives have so many situation to deal with in that house, and in most cases they need to react fast and improvise with what is available around the house. Based on the fact that many cleaning processes are still carried on by mums and wives, they took lots of DIY ideas from their mums, or other mums. The question is “Do all these tips really work?”

This time we take cleaning the urine stain on the mattress as an example. What do we need to take into consideration for cleaning the urine stain? The odor, discoloration, moisture, and bacteria. What we always find from online tips is using baking soda plus vinegar to clean any kind of urine stain.

If this is a fresh urine stain which is still wet, spray the baking soda immediately onto the urine stain, soaking the area thoroughly. This is a correct move regarding the first target for cleaning urine stain is always to minimize the amount of urine stay in the mattress. However, the next move is to take all that baking soda out of mattress as well, and it will not be as easier as putting the dry baking soda on. The moisture baking soda has the tendency to be trapped in the fabric and the risk of leaving residue there is high.

Then is the vinegar, which obviously people should use only white vinegar if they choose to do so. The vinegar can help to minimize the discoloration and maybe balance the urine odor. However, the time to let the vinegar set and work on the stain should not be long enough to let it penetrate deeply into the mattress. Otherwise you are just brining in new issues while trying to correct the present urine stain. If there are any moisture trapped in the mattress cannot get out, there is a high risk of developing mold and bacteria growth.

So, next time when you are not feeling 120 percent confidence of how to handle the urine stain, call professionals for help.