We think in advance for you all the time!

AllerX International is a brand stands for healthier life and better personal care. We realize the importance of high quality living environment, therefore we do our best to provide the most user-friendly and efficient tools to make cleaning and sanitizing tasks easier. In order to do that, we need to always think in advance for our customers of all technical, practical and operational respects.

3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the AllerX Mattress Cleaning System

Question 1: Do AllerX system needs maintenance routine? How difficult is it?
A simple routine is essential to maintain the highest level of performance of all machines. AllerX has included various user-friendly automatic indication to notice our dealer and other operational users when it is time to do certain maintenance. These indication including heat and pressure sensor, consumable parts replacement, water filtration system, and automatic turn off function based on safety design.

Question 2: Can Steam Cleaner be used on all surfaces/materials? Such as hard wood floor?
We realize there are many surfaces/materials are sensitive to be treated with chemical or too much water. Actually Steam Cleaner that produces DRY STEAM is the best and most natural way to clean all those surfaces/materials with minimum effort. Thanks to the temperature of DRY STEAM, dirt and stain will break down faster so that it becomes easier to clean, and it contains minimum moisture, so the steam will not damage those surfaces/material, given the operator use the right technique methods and the right accessories.

Question 3: What else can be done by AllerX MultiSteamCleaner system?
AllerX International started by focusing on mattress cleaning and sanitizing. Based on 20 years of development results, we are currently offering systems can clean multiple surfaces and materials, not only in and around house, but also suitable for office and industry. We have tested all these possibilities and functions beforehand, so that we can give advices whenever needed.

Currently, the function areas including general upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet, drapes, and wall cleaning, grout and tiles cleaning, degreasing, car detailing. All this function area can be expanded from individual use to industrial use, such as hospitality industry, food industry, healthcare industry and so on.