V6 UV Light Anti bacteria and dustmite mattrass cleaning system.

Mattress Cleaning System V6


AllerX® Mattress Cleaning System V6 is the improved version from 2010 with inbuilt UVC units.

Strongly recommended for regular application during household duties in order to keep a dust mites free indoor environment.

Featured with incredible suction power to extract dust mites and their health threatening excrement, as well as all accumulated dust, skin & hair particles, out of our mattress. Intensified germ killing UVC radiation sanitizes all harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and spores. Neutralize bad odors caused by bacteria. Spraying with Anti-Dust Mite solutions for a long term controlling of the growth of dust mites and other bacteria.

  • 100% Dry treatment
  • Efficiently removing dust mites
  • Sanitize all harmful micro-organisms
  • 100% natural and non-toxic cleaning operation
  • Low maintenance costs

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