Steam Cleaning isn’t just for those who sneeze

When there is someone in family suffers from allergy reactions, it is easier to think about investing on a multi-function steam cleaner. It is the “Green” cleaning concept we are promoting nowadays, because it uses absolutely no chemicals and it disinfects at the same time by using only water.

When a truly clean house is not a luxury, but a necessity, we just need to find a correct cleaning tool to make sure we use minimum time and effort to reach the best result. All surfaces and decorations will be clean and fresh in one step. Cleaning and sanitization need only one machine.

The preparation for using a Steam Cleaner is general vacuuming/dusting in order to move most dirt and particles. Then heat up the Steam Cleaner until the indicator shows it is ready to produce steam. In order to produce the required dry steam that contains minimum moisture, the steam has to be heated up to approximately 165 ºC.

For those things at home that may not or can not be washed, or simply taking too much effort to do so, Steam Cleaner can easily keep them cleaned and disinfected on a regular base. These things including mattress, pillow, carpet, upholstery decoration, sofa etc. The super-heated Dry Steam is hot enough to kill dust mites and their eggs and other allergens. For someone who suffer from allergies, steam cleaning bedding, carpets and upholstery once or twice a month will greatly reduce the amount of contaminants. Thanks to the minimum moisture left in steam, drying time takes normally 10-15 minutes after steam cleaning. This will not only preventing further molding, but also safe for kids and pets immediately after steam cleaning.

The super-heated Dry Steam can be also used directly in kitchen and bathroom, such as kitchen counters, tiles, shower, grouts, toilet and sinks etc. to kill and remove mold, mildew, fungus from tiles and shower doors. All kinds of nozzles and extensions will help to reach every angle and corner, so that no blind spots left. Electricity supply is the only thing required to operate steam unit around kitchen and bathroom, no chemicals or solutions are required to sanitize and disinfect. These are the mostly appreciated applications can make huge difference in kitchen and bathroom in short amount of time.

If you are wondering what more can be done by steam cleaner?

Another places causing high risk of molding are refrigerator and washing machine. Using Steam Cleaner to disinfect both of them on a monthly routine will do great favor to our health.

For ladies who love make-up, a routine disinfection for all the make-up tools will decrease dramatically the amount of bacteria and germs hidden in those brushes and pads.

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