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FAQ about our Products and Services!

Many customers are using regularly our services and recommend our service to family and friends.
Absolutely NOT! Since we work with regional and local dealers, our specialized cleaning service in your bedroom will cost even less than taking your mattress to the cleaner.
Cleaning your mattress 1 to 2 times a year is the best way for you to insure a comfortable and healthy sleep. Of course the frequency also depends on several factors, including humidity in the house, individual needs, presence of pets, using of electric blanket and the regular use of our mattress sprays etc.
A vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough for a deep cleaning of the mattress, and usually it has not allergens HEPA filter. A vacuum cleaner is able to suck ONLY the dirt closer to the top surface of the mattress, and make it accumulates near the surface to cause allergic symptoms even worse.
The droppings of dust mites should be vibrated loose and pulverized, and a vacuum cleaner is not equipped with this technique.

It is also important that the remaining dust mites, bacteria and spores are also killed, and a vacuum cleaner can not do that.

AllerX system uses UV-C radiation to effectively clean and sanitize your mattresses.

Adding a cover over the mattress helps to protect the mattress based on if the mattress is completely clean. If that is not the case, the cover will only multiply the dust mites inside the mattress. A cover is only locking the dirt from outside. When the cover is removed for laundery, the dust mites and other bacteria remain in the mattress, and they can still cause allergic reactions.

In addition, be consistent in using a cover for your mattress. Please keep in mind that when you don’t cover the mattress even just for a day (because the cover is being washed), the mattress will be sufficiently “infected”, and using a cover again afterwards gives no protection against dust mites anymore.

ALWAYS choose a mattress that gives you the best quality sleep, regardless of the type and the “dust mite sensitivity” of the material, and leaves the cleaning part to AllerX.
AllerX cleaning mattress procedure will not cure the allergies or Asthma, but it can intensively prevent and control the sources that causing different allergic reactions.
Our method works on mattresses of all ages. You will be surprised of your sleeping quality after our cleaning procedure.
In one year time, an untreated mattress contains a rich population of dust mites, droppings, dust and skin flakes totally over a pound. Therefore, it is wise to clean your mattress at least once a year.
Researches have showned that house dust mites exist in all kinds of mattresses, so it is wise to clean your mattress regularly.
There are dust mites and other bacteria even in a relatively thin top layer on your bed.
Of course!

Curtains can be washed often. Curtains are usually much thinner than a mattress, so the amount of dust mites in curtains is minimal compared to your mattress. Besides, the humidity level in curtains does not provide the ideal environment for dust mites.

Carpets are in general vacuum cleaned weekly, so the pollution level does not accumulate too much.

Cushions are often machine washed, and they are also small enough to be fit into a dryer. Because of this, the amount of dust mites in cushions are under control.

In summary, your curtains, carpets and cushions are cleaned more often than your mattresses. Normally, only 10% of total dust mites are found out of your mattresses.

To insure a better dust mite free environment in your home, we recommend to clean all your curtains, carpets, and cushions while you clean your mattresses by using AllerX service on a regular base.

Our cleaning service does not create dust or other mess to your home. Our dealers and staffs will take all the used filters with them and only leave behind a clean bedroom as it was before we arrived. All you need to do is making up the bed after about 15 minutes in order to make sure the spray is dry.
No. UV-C radiation kills all single-celled organisms like bacteria, fungi and spores.

UV-C light is widely used in medical industry for disinfection purposes, and is also dangerous for human, we know how to work with it so it will not be of any risk for you and for us.

We can remove stains from the mattress.

Since most stains in mattresses are old, dryed, previously treated, or acid contained (fiber discoloration from sweat, or urine etc.), we can not make stains always disappear, but in many regular cases we will remove over 90% of the stain.

You can try to clean the stains with our systems, the drying time will be minimal as we also remove a lot of the vapor that will come free when using our specialized equiptment.

AllerX mattress cleaning service clean and sanitize the mattress deeply in respect of all polluting and harmful elements (dust mites, bacteria etc.) are removed. Any visual discoloration will not always be improved or removed but we will try our best and we can tell you that we use the best systems in de world available.

Compare us with our competition and you will be surprised of the power en knowledge we can deliver.

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