How to make Hospital even a better place?

We all know hospitals are made for providing medical help for everyone who has health concerns. However, when we are shaking hands with doctors and nurses, lying on examine bed for checkups, or simply sitting in the waiting room, there is a chance we got infected by other bacteria and virus left by other patients. Therefore, hospitals acquire strictly regular disinfections.

The reality is some superbugs have become resistant to traditional cleaning chemicals, some drug-resistant bugs can live up to six months by hiding in corners and crevices, or even worse, some disinfection detergents are toxic itself. Besides, thoroughly disinfecting a hospital room takes at least an hour, and requires evacuation for certain time afterwards. So, what can we do to make hospital even a better place in this respect?

The idea of using UVC light to sanitize hospital rooms came up based on practical experience of using it to kill airborne tuberculosis germs, and also in food industry. The available result shows UVC light is effective and safe in the mentioned applications, for killing viruses, bacteria, and spores by destroying their DNA.

There are existing UVC Robot products available costing from $125,000 per robot, or a monthly fee of $3,700. As normally people will react, that is not a cheap investment, even for big hospitals. Another question is how we can guarantee the robot do not walk straight into somebody and shoot out the UVC light at same time? The consequence can be sever burn on skin and permanent damage to eyes.

AllerX developed the new UVC Booster, which shines highest power UVC light. By applying this intensive UVC power over the whole room insures all airborne or non-airborne bacteria and virus are destroyed in seconds. It is easily portable as a hand lamp, and controlled by operator who firmly follow the safety rules. No risk of injury caused by accidental direct contact with UVC light. No chemical or toxic residue during whole process.

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