How clean is the hotel room?

How clean is the hotel room?

Having in mind that you paid 200 euro sometimes for staying one night in a five star hotel, you would only imagine a shiny and perfect room. However, in reality, how clean is the hotel rooms?

There is nothing to hide, because hotel room is the place have the most frequent and intensive visitors from all over the world. All of them share the same room and all the things in that room. People won’t think too much about privacy in that condition, but how about hygiene? Does hotel room really got thoroughly cleaned after each single visitor?

There is social research result showing that hotel rooms are full of germs which can cause health problems. Among the top list of contaminated items, bed and beddings are definitely categorized as high risk items. Dirty sheets, reused pillowcases and decorative bed covers and cushions that rarely get cleaned, all of them are bringing potential health problems. You can of course throw away all the decorative items and call reception desk for new sheets, just in case they didn’t change it, but how can you make sure the little dust mites, bed bugs, lice, molds and others hiding in the bed? You really cannot see them with your bare eyes.

As the awareness of invisible contamination is raising, when people even start to deep clean their mattress at home using professional methods and tools, we would believe promoting the same professional deep clean and sanitizing action in hotels and other hospitality organizations should become an essential part of their standard service.

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